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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 4, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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closing arguments, after six weeks of often bizarre testimony, the jury should finally get to decide the fate of casey anthony starting today. debt debate, congress will keep trying to reach a deal on raising the debt limit, but there may be another way to get the job done. and oil spill, thousands of gallons foul the yellowstone river, but just how bad is the environmental damage? captioning funded by cbs good morning, everyone, on this independence day. good to see you. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. there will be no independence day holiday for jurors or anyone else for that matter at the casey anthony trial for anyone else in floor.
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there were fireworks yesterday, the judge stopped the trial and had words with casey anthony's trial and others for taking swipes at each other. >> i assume that you are all professionals, so maybe i am misinformed when i think you will follow the law. i'm beginning to see that orders or anything else may not mean a hill of a bean to any of you. >> so the jury will be back in court this morning, and prosecutors will get one last shot at rebutting closing arguments by the defense. karen brown reports. >> reporter: casey anthony's defense spent its final hours in front of the jury trying to convince them there is not enough evidence to convict her of murder. >> the reason you don't have that evidence that they're desperately trying to find is because it's an unprovable case. >> reporter: in their closing arguments, they tried to discredit the state's charge
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that the 25-year-old suffocated her 2-year-old daughter with duct tape and chloroform by attacking the state's evidence, and then tried to pinpoint her father saying the child drowned and then tried to cover it up. they were not allowed to bring up allegations that he molested his daughter as an explanation of her bizarre behavior because the judge ruled they've failed to prove it. >> i don't think anybody here can justify her actions, but they do not constitute murder. >> reporter: many of the seven women and five men on the jury appeared tired as the day wore on. they've now been sequestered for six weeks and are finally expected to begin deliberating on monday, but first the prosecution will have their final word with their rebuttal to the defense. prosecutors have already detailed how casey anthony spent the month following caylee's disappearance lying and partying with her new boyfriend. >> we can only hope that the chloroform was used before the tape was applied so that caylee went peacefully.
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>> reporter: the prosecution claims anthony killed her daughter because she did not want to be a mom. the defense believes she's an imperfect mother who's wrongly accused. soon the jury will decide. karen brown, cbs news, orlando, florida. politics now, and the battle over the debt ceiling. the senate will be back in session tomorrow trying to hammer out a deal to raise america's borrowing limit by august 2nd, but with republicans and democrats in a stalemate, a completely different option is being discussed. whit johnson has more. >> reporter: three weeks ago when courtney hinton was asked in a cbs news poll how she thought congress should raise the debt ceiling, she along with 69% of respondents said no. now amid fears of a looming crisis, she isn't so sure. >> i think people don't really understand it. you really have to pay attention to get what it means. >> reporter: what it means according to the bipartisan policy center is come early august, the treasury would only
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have enough money to pay about 56% of its bills. former treasury official jay powell says the government would likely pay interest first, leaving popular domestic programs in jeopardy. >> it could be social security, it could be medicare. it could be medicaid. we can't pay everything. >> reporter: the stalemate in washington has some asking if president obama can simply bigfoot congress, and order the treasury keep borrowing. there's a little known section in the 14th amendment saying the public debt of the united states shall not be questioned. >> if the congress refuses to act, the argument would run the president of necessity must act in order to follow the command of the constitution. >> reporter: the idea highlights how desperate the debate has gotten. >> it's crazy talk. it's not acceptable for the congress and the president not to do their job. >> reporter: as the clock ticks down with no sign of progress, americans like courtney hinton can only watch in disbelief.
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>> this bickering and waiting until the last minute, we're not benefiting from that. >> reporter: as washington returns from the holiday weekend, sources close to the negotiations say a deal has to be reached by july 22nd in order to get it through congress in time. whit johnson, cbs news, the white house. meanwhile three u.s. senators are in afghanistan this morning, john mccain, joe lieberman and lindsey graham, they say they're worried president obama's plan to draw down u.s. troops could help the insurgents. joel brown is in washington on that. happy fourth of july, good morning to you. >> happy independence day to you. they say this is a perception problem. the senators believe too many afghans see president obama's plan for a drawdown see this as a sign the u.s. is quitting on afghanistan. they say that perception is a dangerous one. key senators are raising doubts about president obama's withdrawal plan for afghanistan. >> it is an unnecessary risk. >> i really do worry this may have undercut the momentum.
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i hope i'm wrong. >> reporter: in kabul sunday, republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham called the strategy too risky and say it could put both american troops and the plan in jeopardy. the plan calls for pulling out 10,000 troops by the end of this year with another 23,000 gone by the end of next summer. >> i hope that it will work out but it certainly deprives us of the necessary troops that we need for the second fighting season. >> the obama administration is standing by its plan saying successes on the ground especially the killing of osama bin laden have made it possible. >> al qaeda is under more pressure than at any time since 9/11. >> reporter: still this deadly taliban raid on a hotel in kabul last week shows insurgents aren't willing to go quietly. >> if we don't succeed here and the taliban comes back into power we'll be attacked again. >> reporter: while the debate continues, american troops are
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carrying on with their mission preparing to hand over security back to the afghan people, the drawdown is set to begin this month. terrell, some initial diplomatic moves have been made to jumpstart peace talks with the taliban but on his trip senator mccain saw no signs whatsoever the taliban is ready to talk peace. >> joel brown in washington for thus morning, thank you so much. overseas, thailand elected its first ever female prime minister by a landslide, comes from a political family, her brother was once prime minister but ousted by a military coup in 2006. the country will go along with the election results. peace activists plan to sail from greece today even though the greek government banned their ships from going to gaza. protests yesterday at the israeli embassy in athens. last year nine activists were killed when israeli marines stormed a palestinian flotilla.
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back in this country crews are trying to clean up an oil spill in montana. an exxon mobil pipeline ruptured in billings in the southern part of the state. there are reports of oil 100 miles downstream. the company says about 42,000 gallons got into the river before the pipeline was shut down. >> most of the soiled area seems to be in the first five to ten miles. we find at this point very little soiling but there is still some pockets we will have to deal with beyond billings. >> before the spill the government issued warnings to exxon mobil about safety violations on the pipeline. severe thunderstorms rolled through the mid-atlantic states overnight. they knocked out power to thousands in northern virginia. strong winds, heavy rains and lightning brought trees down on power lines and damaged some homes. thousands of residents of los alamos, new mexico, are back home this morning, forced to evacuate last week by a wildfire that burned 189 square miles.
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that fire is now 19% contained and is no longer a threat to the town or the nearby nuclear lab. just ahead, budgetary problems threaten popular state parks from coast to coast. and the royal newlyweds continue their tour of canada with a stop of california to come. first scott pelley has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> it's a drug millions take to help quit smoking but now there's concerns about potentially dangerous side effects. we'll explain tonight on the "cbs evening news." with breakthhydraiq. hour absorbs in seconds. lasts for hours. express hydration with hydraiq. nivea.
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the nikkei was up almost 1%, hong kong's hang seng rose rose almost 1.5%. this week wall street's closed for the fourth of july holiday. investors will watch for the job numbers later this week. they'll get an update on how america's factories are doing. americans celebrate independence day in lots of different ways. one of the many for families is a trip to a nearby state park. several states have budget problems these days and money for parks is often among the first things cut. kendis gibson reports. >> reporter: for the past decade brian, julianne and their kids have been coming to mcgrath state beach, a state park north of los angeles, but this may be their last independence holiday here. the park is slated to close in september. do you feel you're losing a family member? >> we do. this is our favorite spot. i feel safe here. it's great for families. >> reporter: amid the pristine beauty of california's state parks there is an ugly reality, finances. they've seen their budgets cut
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by 43% since 2006 and now cash-strapped california is shutting down 70 of its 278 state parks to save money. the closures are a first for california, and another devastating blow to its park system. state parks ranger eric delstrom could only hire four summer worker this is year instead of the usual 12 to handle maintenance and repairs at all four of its parks. >> it's getting very difficult to keep the doors open, keep the lights on and keep the water and sewer working and starting to catch up to us. >> reporter: california isn't alone. minnesota closed all of its state parks this holiday weekend because lawmakers failed to reach a new budget. in washington state, they're not closing but they're charging. $10 where it used to be free. squeezing its park system, california hopes to save $33 million, but for these families, it's a high price to pay, losing their favorite campground on the pacific. kendis gibson, cbs news, oxnard, california.
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coming up, we'll have your weather on this monday morning and in sports, a big upset and an emotional new champion at wimbledon. we'll be right back. back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] say hello to the new mango pineapple real fruit smoothies
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and los angeles partly cloudy and 85. time for a check of your national forecast. latest satellite picture shows clear skies on the west coast. thunderstorms are forming over the southwest and a few patches of showers and storms are slowly moving across the mid-atlantic states. a large cluster of storms is passing to the northern plains. later today expect temperatures in the 90s and 100s across the south with a few later on afternoon thunderstorms bringing cooler rains, it will be warm and muggy in the northeast. severe thunderstorms will blast the northern plains bringing a chance of strong gusts of wind and heavy rains. heat is moving up the west coast to northern california. in sports, novak djokovic of serbia is the new men's champion at wimbledon. in the fourth set djokovic served for the match and the champion rafael nadal's second volley went long. djokovic fell to the ground and spoke later about how much that victory meant to him. >> best day of my life, most special day of my life. this is my favorite tournament,
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the tournament i always dreamed of winning, the first tennis tournament i ever watched in my life, i think i'm still sleeping and still having my dream, but really, i mean, thank you all. thank you all for coming and making this day special. >> with that trophy in hand, djokovic becomes the world's top ranked tennis player. in baseball an extra inning nail biter in the subway series. bases loaded two outs bottom of the ten, mets jason bay singled to right center gives the mets the comeback win over the yankees 3-2. in denver melky cabrera blasts it, the final kansas city 16, colorado 8. coming up on the "morning news" the real spirit of '76, the oldest u.s. military medic serving in afghanistan.
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shootings. plus.. a bart station , shut down after a deadly police shooting in san francisco. what we're learning about the moments before officers opened fire. a plane forced to land, on a peninsula freeway. the damage it caused to a mercedes. the heat is on this fourth of july. how people are staying cool.. and when we'll see some relief. plus, new doubts about whether,,
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. mother nature will deal out some fourth of july fireworks with severe storms forming in the northern plains and parts of the southwest. it will continue to be hot and muggy in the southeast with a few scattered storms. here's a look at this morning's top stories. in a rare fourth of july court session prosecutors will finish closing arguments in the dramatic casey anthony murder case in florida and at least it goes to the jury. cleanup is under way for montana's yellow stone river after a spill from the exxon mobil pipeline. the epa says that oil has been spotted 40 miles down river. some reports say 100 miles. america's oldest army medic is hard at work during another tour of duty in afghanistan.
4:21 am
as and mandy clark reports he's a lot older than the ones he treats in afghanistan. >> reporter: in afghanistan back from the fighting the men and women of the u.s. military have tough jobs and the medical problems to match. >> when did this come up? >> this one started today. >> reporter: an experienced eye makes all the difference and few are more experienced than john burston, an ear nose and throat specialist from georgia. he may not bring it all but he brings a lot of history to his work at this military clinic in kabul. >> they're not sure if i'm a father figure or grandfather figure. >> reporter: what does he take away from the experience? >> i carry with me mostly an appreciation for the incredible sacrifice i see among the young people here. >> reporter: dr. burston is a volunteer with the reserves, his fourth tour since 2005, two in iraq, two in afghanistan. he joined the army in 1955.
4:22 am
but never saw combat, missing korea and vietnam. he was out of uniform for 26 years and says the nature of war has changed dramatically in that time. >> this is a complicated war and we're in a situation where troops communicate with home every day. dr. burston says this may be his last tour, but he's really not so sure, hinting in two years' time, he will have forgotten the hardships and will be ready to jump back in. by then he'll be close to 80 years old. mandy clark, cbs news, kabul. here in new york this weekend police get the fourth of july holiday off to an explosive start. that would be more than 2 1/2 tons of illegal fireworks destroyed by the police bomb squad. police arrested 70 people with illegal fireworks. this morning on "the early show" with the year half over, look back and a look forward at the year's economy.
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i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." brown. this is the "cbs morning news." discover customersl are getting five percent cashback bonus at the pump... and at many of the places their summer plans take them.
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yeah! (laughs) (first lady michelle obama) america... (all) let's get healthy together! you know, as we celebrate independence day today it's a great day for flags, parades, fireworks and plenty of patriotic music and steve hartman knows the man best qualified to strike up the band. >> reporter: if you've never been to troy university in troy, alabama, to visit the national band director's hall of fame, you're not alone. >> we get a lot of people. >> reporter: when you say a lot, how many a day? two? >> i don't know -- >> reporter: four? >> we have sometimes five. >> reporter: of course i didn't come here to see a bunch of band directors no one's ever heard of. >> paul hiller of the band of japan. >> reporter: nor did i come for the one you have heard of. >> mr. sousa, one of the great band masters, and the other guy is me. >> reporter: who? >> me.
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>> reporter: this is who i came for. you're what they call a living legend. >> i don't know about that but i'm living and that's important. >> reporter: starting in 1943 as a high school band director and later as director of the troy university band, johnny law became known as one of the most inspirational band directors of america. 300 of his students went on to become band directors themselves. >> all i know about band which is not very much, but i've done it for 67 years. you make it f-u-n, and if you change that, it's over. >> reporter: he retired 11 years ago to spend more time with his wife mary lynn but his passion for band never went away. he dreamed of forming a top notch community band in troy. this is a small town with not a ton of top notch talent. >> i didn't think it would work. i really didn't. >> reporter: fortunately it was one thing johnny hadn't considered, devotion of his former students. now once a week during concert season they drive in from all
4:27 am
over the south and across the decades. >> he's such a unique character, i just admire him so much. >> he's the single biggest influence on my career. >> he was a father figure to me. he's just a genuine person. >> reporter: when all is said and done, what do you want to be remembered for? >> i would like to be remembered as a teacher. i think teacher is the greatest word in the english language next to mother. >> johnny law. >> reporter: fortunately he's quite a few years writing any epitaph. at 85 johnny still doesn't miss a beat. ♪ "stars and stripes" is his favorite and his band is easily one of the best community bands in the country, can play it like the fourth of july. a real american classic, courtesy of a real american, a class act. steve hartman, cbs news, troy, alabama. ♪ coming up a little later on "the early show" the casey
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anthony murder trial in session on the fourth of july and grinding down to a climax. then the royal tour, william and kate arrive in the maritime provinces of canada and prepare to head west. and independence day, in the city where it all happened, a philadelphia fourth of july, all of that and more coming up on "the early show." that's it for this monday morning "cbs morning news." happy fourth of july, everybody. i'm terrell brown. take care. -- captions by vitac --
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